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Spending some quality time with ASP.NET 2.0

I'm spending majority of my time in the ASP.NET environment lately and I have to admit it's really worth spending some extra time and dig down below the surface of basic classes and controls. For example, after building some CompositeControls, CompositeDataBoundControls and custom DataSourceControls, I feel like I'll never want to write another UserControl, except maybe for prototyping or very basic stuff. Caching with custom dependencies, HttpHandlers for serving image or Rss data streams, HttpModules for Url rewriting and background processing, there's even a VirtualPathProvider which allows you to build really twisted stuff.

The customizable provider model also allows using membership/role/profile/[custom] providers in your windows applications, which is a very powerful feature, if you're developing both windows and web versions of the same application system.