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Loving this Atlas thing...

Lately I'm spending majority of my time in the ASP.NET environment, digging down below the surface of basic classes and controls. And there really is a whole new world down there. It's like you're playing on the sea surface with your GridViews, ObjectSources and basic HttpHandlers, when you suddenly spot something shiny down below and you dive in to pursue it.
And you're down there, working on your custom DataSourceControl, when suddenly, a mermaid called Ajax, swims by, together with her younger sister Atlas, and together they try to lure you with their callback song, to the cave of XMLHttpRequest. It's then when you realize you're out of air, don't know **** a thing about Ajax or Atlas, crawl back to the surface and carefully start re-reading Atlas-related blogs and sites.

And you're hooked... :-)

On a side note... one thing I don't get is why are some classes, even whole concepts, like configuration management, membership/role/profile/... providers (or provider model in general), always mentioned in the context of an ASP.NET application. They work greatly in the Windows Forms apps too. Caching, even...