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Blinded by Silverlight

Silverlight is quickly becoming my favorite tech toy I want to spend more working on in the future. New announcements regarding this technology, formerly known as WPF/E, were made at first day of this year's MIX, including:

  • Silverlight community site launch: a lot of cool samples, videos, quickstarts and other info is already available
  • New downloads: Silverlight 1.0 Beta, 1.1 Alpha, along with other designer/developer tools
  • Silverlight streaming: free media storage and delivery for your Silverlight apps from Microsoft
  • Other info: cross-platform version of .NET framework, built into 1.1 Alpha release, which means developing in a language of your choice (js, C#, VB, even Ruby and Python); VS "Orcas" and Expression Blend are *the* tools; go live license for 1.0 Beta; WPF-> Silverlight XAML conversion, ...

All this and more on just a first day... [see the MIX keynote here]