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How many...

... of those "Visual Studio 2008 has RTM'd" posts have you read today? ;)image

Yes, it's been a busy day... Installed VS2008 this morning, uninstalled VS2005, and life is good. But are we done? Not quite; apparently we'll have to wait a couple of weeks for second-wave bits to hit our disks -  Silverlight tools for RTM, Web Deployment Project Add-in, perhaps Expression Blend 2, ... One of those is of course also the BCL source code for the debugger - I've already configured debugger settings to download and cache the library symbols and this is now the piece that's missing.

Otherwise, the installation went smooth, tested it on Windows XP and Windows Vista. System reboot wasn't required during until the end of the installation.

I couldn't spot much Beta 2 => RTM changes, except perhaps a bit more polished WPF designer, which now includes a property search box for quicker access to properties. Handy, but I kinda preferred my properties being sorted alphabetically instead of categorized. Couldn't find any setting to change that, guess I'll have to get used to it.

More VS2008 posts coming soon...