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A tooth for a... mobile

Nokia 6210 is a good and durable phone. Indestructible, I would even say. At least for us, ordinary users. I've had one since 2000, used it constantly, carried it with me all over the world, backpacking or business, dropping it on the floor now and then, and yet never had any problems with it.

In the end, I lost it to a nearly 12-months old, gaining her first 4 teeth (all at once!). The temptation was too strong and once in the mouth, the phone was immediately flooded with young saliva and its functions started to fail. Additional hard-drops to the floor probably helped too. It still works though, but since it lost its ability to connect to the network, it's kind of useless now.

It's amazing how real phones attract children. We've had a couple of toy mobile replicas and she barely looked at them. But seeing a real phone (preferably in action), she goes berserk...

I'll be getting a new mobile now...

About time... :)

The main contenders were IPhone or one from the HTC range... I don't know, I might also just choose something simple and cheap. You know... for making calls.

And happy birthday to you, Amber, you're 1 today.