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Display “My Pictures” in Silverlight application at design time

Following up on The ultimate hack for Silverlight in Blend post from Josh Smith, I tried to make Blend display pictures from the My Pictures folder right in my Silverlight application. Needless to say, it worked as advertised :)


The ViewModel is set through d:DataContext:

public class MainPageViewModel
    public MainPageViewModel()

    private void SetLocalPictures()
        string folder = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.MyPictures);
        IEnumerable<string> pictures = Directory.EnumerateFiles(folder);
        Pictures = (
            from p in pictures 
            select new Uri(string.Format("file://{0}", p.Replace('\\', '/')), UriKind.Absolute)

    public Uri[] Pictures { get; set; }

The thing is that this code wouldn’t work with Silverlight application running in a non-trust mode – it would throw a security exception. However, setting this ViewModel as the run-time DataContext and running with elevated permissions, the pictures would get displayed as well.

And of course this works in Visual Studio 2010 designer too:


A nice alternative for Blend’s sample data…