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NTK 2011 Sample Code: What’s new in Silverlight 5

My “What’s new in Silverlight 5” session at NTK was mostly about showing sample code and samples, so no slide deck this time. The enclosed Visual Studio Silverlight project is configured for running Out-of-Browser, with GPU acceleration enabled, and requiring elevated permissions.

It’s basically a very basic video player application, used for playing videos from three preconfigured video sources: one’s your “My Videos” folder, one’s a custom local disk folder, and the last one is your favorite online TV show: the Silverlight TV (yes, it parses show’s feed to get the episodes list and info).

These sources play accordingly to the elevated permissions additions, made in Silverlight 5. The sample applications show off a lot of new Silverlight 5 features, some of them not so easily discoverable. Be sure to check out the source code to find them. This is a demo project and the code is somewhat unstructured. I’ll cover some of the new features in more details in the future, when Silverlight 5 fleshes out a bit more.

Download the sample project

Sample Silverlight 5