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Feline Corneal Sequestrum

Today I took my cat (his name is Georgy) to a vet for a surgery. He developed the corneal sequestrum, a kind of an ulcer, on the right eye. This condition seems to be quite common among the Persian, and the cause can't really be determined. It might be the result of some kind of eye irritation, feline herpesvirus, lack of tear production (some cats even sleep with their eyes open, causing the eye to dry) or corneal ulceration.
Although the sequestrum was already very deep, the operation didn't last too long and right now, Georgy is already awake from his anesthetic sleep.
We're having our next visit to the vet's scheduled for the next Monday, when the surgeon is going to remove the stitches. Hopefully, the surgery is going to be a success.

First post

Today seems like a good day to start blogging. I've just returned from the one-week vacation I spent on adriatic coast, where I enjoyed hot sun and some cold beer, whilst trying to put my mind away from the work.

So what can you expect from this blog? Well, in my future posts, I hope to start covering all of the aspects of software development, focusing primarily on .NET development. I am a long term VB developer, have been experimenting with .NET development since the early betas, now switched to C# as the primary .NET language. Other than computing, my interests include music (synths, samplers & stuff), movies and pets (yes, I have a cat, 11-year old black Persian) so you'll find me writing about those as well.