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NX7010 SD Card Reader under Vista

Starting with my new life role, I finally found some use for the SD Card reader on my HP NX7010 notebook. Digital baby photos can take up a lot of memory space and soon you find yourself copying them everywhere... one of those locations being my Garmin nuvi 660, the little Car GPS Navigator thingy. Since it can be expanded by SD memory cards, the same kind that can be fed to the NX7010, I thought - why not - and bought a 1G card.

But... somewhere on the road installing Windows Vista versions on the notebook, I lost my SD Card Reader due to a missing Vista driver that wasn't installed in the process. Now, how to get it back? XP drivers usually work, but what happens if you don't have your CD anywhere at your hand's reach? Internet, of course... Well, yes... It turned out that NX7010 SD Card reader XP driver wasn't listed on the NX7010 driver list... Digging all around HP's web site I found one on the NX7000 list, and it worked...

In short - if you're trying to enable SD card reader on NX7010 after upgrading to Windows Vista, here's the place to look: Winbond SD Card Reader Software

On a side note: Microsoft released ASP.NET AJAX v1.0 - get it here!

A new life...

You know that wonderful feeling which hits you when you sign off your successfully finished project? Remember the joy when you finished high school? How about the happiness you felt when you got your first job? Warmth and strong beating of your heart when you first kissed your girlfriend? Combine all this together and it wouldn't come close to the experience of being present at birth of your child as the father.

On this Friday morning, 2007-01-19, a princess was born and a new life, a new fairy tale, begins...

To serve some data facts, I decided on going with C# and making this post a little bit more technical:

Baby Amber = new Girl(3900g, 53cm);

P.S.: Amber and Sandra are doing great and are coming home tomorrow.

This Friday's Links

Again, some Friday links for near future reference: