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SLODUG/CodeZone-SI web portal on Community Server 2.0

A revamped Slovenian Developers User Group (SLODUG) community web portal was introduced on today's SLODUG meeting. I'm really sorry I missed that introduction, but the traffic was really a b***h today. Thanks to Miha for introducing it for me.

The new site is built on Community Server 2.0 and is located on this address. Since this site is a member of international CodeZone community, I tried to design a Community Server skin, which would capture that CodeZone's green-on-black look - check it out! The final skin and Slovenian translation of all necessary resources should be ready within one month after the final CS 2.0 release, which is scheduled for February, 20th. That means that transition to the new SLODUG/CodeZone-SI portal will be finalized by the end of the March 2006. During this time, while browsing through site's content, you might encounter some skin inconsistencies and untranslated content. Please, feel free to report that or post any comment / wish / suggestion / question about the CodeZone-SI site content on my blog or appropriate CodeZone-SI forum. Any new content, created  on the new site in the transition period, will not be deleted and will remain available after transition is finished. The old site can no longer be accessed. [will remain functional on its current address for a limited time, but we don't guarantee that any new content will be transferred to the new portal. However, any new users will be migrated.]

There were 243 users registered with the old portal and all of them were transferred to the new one. Please review and complete your online profiles.

About the content... currently available are:

  • new forums, the main meeting place for discussions,
  • photo gallery, containing photos from (future) SLODUG meetings,
  • file gallery, containing PowerPoint presentation and sample/demo code from SLODUG meetings,
  • external source aggregation, aggregated Slovenian developer blogs

We'll try to add more features in the future.

Enjoy your stay on SLODUG/CodeZone-SI community portal!