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Scraping the rust off of this thing

Has it really been that long?

For a quick recap before I reboot this blog, here's what I have been doing for the past months:

Windows phone development

I did a couple of new Windows Phone 7 apps, published to marketplace and currently working on some more.

Web development

I jumped into MVC development, with a pinch of Azure fun. Can't deny it, it feels great! Web Forms always felt so uncomfortable to me (I loooved classic ASP, BTW), and with MVC, web development feels like fun again.

Windows 8

Was heavily educating myself on Metro design language and principles, as well as practicing Windows 8 Metro-style application development. I have a few apps in the works, some of which should be available by the time Windows 8 launches, others will follow.


I talked a lot about Metro design and building Windows 8 Metro-style applications, including having a few sessions on the subject on recent Microsoft's NT Konferenca.


Our local UX community started great, we had a couple of really interesting talks. We're continuing right after the summer and if you are or know anyone that would want to share their experience from practicing in the field, contact me and we'll get you on stage. Speakers' efforts are thankfully rewarded. Still working on the web site, though K

What's next?

Well, expect a lot more content on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7/8 on this blog in the future, and I may just throw in a bit of Web/MVC/other magic every now and then.


Oh, and this post was written using Word 2013 Preview. It's nice, but lacking features and friendliness. I'll definitely miss Windows Live Writer if they really are about to put it to sleep.