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CodeZone-SI on Community Server 2.0

Finally found some time to upgrade SLODUG's CodeZone-SI portal on the final Community Server 2.0 release. I also reskinned it so it looks a bit, but not much different.

As I write this, Community Server 2.1 has been announced for July, adding one new major feature - tags. Including tag cloud... [yeah!]

Running on Community Server 2.0

I've just upgraded this blog to Community Server 2.0. Since I'm not hosting this site on my own servers, the upgrading procedure wasn't so trivial. Database updating required some custom table tweaking due to strict [hosting provider's] security policy, but after after a few hours of peeking and poking, the site seems to be back in  business. Got me worried there for a moment....

SLODUG/CodeZone-SI web portal on Community Server 2.0

A revamped Slovenian Developers User Group (SLODUG) community web portal was introduced on today's SLODUG meeting. I'm really sorry I missed that introduction, but the traffic was really a b***h today. Thanks to Miha for introducing it for me.

The new site is built on Community Server 2.0 and is located on this address. Since this site is a member of international CodeZone community, I tried to design a Community Server skin, which would capture that CodeZone's green-on-black look - check it out! The final skin and Slovenian translation of all necessary resources should be ready within one month after the final CS 2.0 release, which is scheduled for February, 20th. That means that transition to the new SLODUG/CodeZone-SI portal will be finalized by the end of the March 2006. During this time, while browsing through site's content, you might encounter some skin inconsistencies and untranslated content. Please, feel free to report that or post any comment / wish / suggestion / question about the CodeZone-SI site content on my blog or appropriate CodeZone-SI forum. Any new content, created  on the new site in the transition period, will not be deleted and will remain available after transition is finished. The old site can no longer be accessed. [will remain functional on its current address for a limited time, but we don't guarantee that any new content will be transferred to the new portal. However, any new users will be migrated.]

There were 243 users registered with the old portal and all of them were transferred to the new one. Please review and complete your online profiles.

About the content... currently available are:

  • new forums, the main meeting place for discussions,
  • photo gallery, containing photos from (future) SLODUG meetings,
  • file gallery, containing PowerPoint presentation and sample/demo code from SLODUG meetings,
  • external source aggregation, aggregated Slovenian developer blogs

We'll try to add more features in the future.

Enjoy your stay on SLODUG/CodeZone-SI community portal!

Microsoft NTK2005 conference, Portoroz

I'm back from the 10th NT conference, held in Portoroz, Slovenia, where I gave a talk about Visual Studio Tools for office 2005 and had a lab on deploying applications using ClickOnce. I will post PowerPoint presentations and demos on this site in a few days. If you have a question about using these new exciting tools and technology, you're more than welcome to post a comment here or email me.

CodeZone SI/SLODUG portal

There's a discussion going on here and here about the new SLODUG portal, which was recently put up by local developers' community. By the developers, for the developers. So, what's the problem? I don't really know the reason why they decided on the MS' CodeZone implementation; personally I think it's not intuitive, limited and somehow outdated. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly agree we developers need a meeting place to share our knowledge but the problem might lie elsewhere. Go to David’s si.Blogs page and count how many developers’ blogs are listed. Not many. I think we should first encourage our developers to start their own blogs by putting up a site like or, then syndicate all blog entries and integrate them with a simple forum (e.g. in a way that blog comments show up as forum posts). Looks like codezone-si certainly is going this way, but the tool, chosen for this, might be a bit awkward.

I wish the codezone-si catches on, we need this kind of community. However, making people contribute to it, is another story.


.NET Rocks!

About a decade ago, there was a Visual Basic site, called Carl & Gary's VB Page, which was my regular stop for all my VB projects, information and programming research I was doing back then. Just a couple of months ago I (finally) took a closer look at the .NET Rocks!, to realize, that Carl, the host of this show, is actually THE Carl, who was running that VB page. That site simply rocked. As does the .NET Rocks!, the internet audio show, hosted by Carl and Rory :), originally targeted for .NET developers, but it is so much more. Currently, they are giving away the Toshiba Portégé® M200 Tablet PC, so hurry to enter and win! :)