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The Wayback Machine

A friend of mine recently showed be The Wayback Machine, a part of the Internet Archive. It's an online web-site archive, containing more than 55 billion web pages, collected over the internet in the past 10 years. And, like its title says, it really takes you back in time, when web sites were simple and, ... well, ugly ;) The journey through time begins with typing the web address of a web page you want to re-visit. The results show different time slots when that page was archived. And the archive really is huge! I immediately visited all the web pages of the companies I used to work for and author/maintain their web sites, including @kviz, a small web project, which I did for some of my friends. It was an entertainment web site, featuring various quizzes, solving which would get you prizes from sponsor companies etc. The application was written in classic ASP, included membership management, online quiz editing and publishing, polls, backed with the Access MDB database. A project run from 1999 through 2001 and I really enjoyed working on it. Now, looking 5 years back, I can only say... yes, things were so simple back then... :)

Now hurry and rediscover your own past...