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NTK09 – Slide decks from my talks

Had 2 talks at this year’s NT Konferenca.

The first one was about building LOB application with Silverlight, starting from what can we do today with v2 (ran a short, 2 min video of a Silverlight 2 LOB app we’re going to be releasing within few weeks) and what’s coming with v3. The last part was about .NET RIA Services.

The second talk was about Presentation Model (MVVM / Model-View-ViewModel) – from basics to actual working application – starting from a WPF version of an app, then porting the same ViewModel over to Silverlight to build a better UX and thorough testing, to finish with (again, with exactly the same ViewModel) a working version for Windows Forms (yes, that’s WinForms built with MVVM).


Update: slides are in Slovenian language…