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Countdown to Silverlight 3 #9: Day 0 and updated sample deck

After a week of spending my holidays, enjoying the sun and playing on the beach with my kids, it’s time to continue the Silverlight 3 countdown series… In the meantime, Silverlight 3 was officially released (it’s probably best to only reference the “Cream” of the SL3 release posts here, in case you missed all the fun, like I did).

I updated my Countdown sample application to match the SL3 RTW bits, with all the necessary changes, most of them having to do with OOB API changes (read more about SL2/SL3B breaking changes here). Visual Studio is now also providing a nice new settings screen for describing your OOB application.


I’ll continue adding more examples of SL3 new features in the future.

Congrats and thanks to everybody having their part in getting the Silverlight 3 release ready and out so soon after the initial release.

Run the updated application online[SL3RTW required]

Source code below: